Bennigan’s going out of business! Holy crap!

Bennigans going out of businessThis news is seriously coming out of nowhere for me! According to news floating around, Bennigan’s is closing it’s doors IMMEDIATELY. No more Monte Christo sandwiches or Irish Haystacks for you! It sounds like the franchise restaurants still have a chance of staying open though.

From what I’ve been reading on various blogs, I seem to live near the only Bennigan’s with good food. Anyone else like Bennigan’s or am I the only one eating there?

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Review- Taste of Thai- Arlington, TX

Taste of Thai frontAngela and I were driving around hungry with our recent room mate, James(if you ask, he goes by Jim but I refuse), who is somewhat new to the area and has a strong taste for almost all things Asian. The idea of Thai food was brought up, so I figured I’d show him the ones I know of in the area. We ended up at Taste of Thai at Arkansas and 360. I’d seen it before, but never actually dined there. Always up for an adventure, we took a step inside.

The atmosphere inside is very cozy and almost romantic. There are paintings of Southeast Asia on the wall that really built up the ambiance. A few reminded me of something my Cambodian parents would probably have. As a general note about small Asian restaurants, it seems pretty common to have a modest appearance but serve great food. That’s perfectly fine with me, I’m there to eat! Taste of Thai really breaks this mold with a great atmosphere.

They have a huge menu- and I took forever to decide as usual. I went for the Taste of Thai Spicy Beef ($8.95), James had the Panang Curry Chicken ($8.95) and Angela had the Noodles with Chicken in Brown Sauce ($7.75).

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