I like my pizza Fuzzy!

Fuzzy’s Pizza on Antoine

My family has been going to Fuzzy’s Pizza & Cafe in Houston for as long as I can remember. We used to go there for big family gatherings – it’s noisy and very casual – a great place for kids. I remember the pizza slices being huge, with a ton of melted cheese and liberally applied greasy pepperoni – it was GREAT! I went to college and moved out of the city, but the memory of Fuzzy’s as the best pizza remained fresh in my memory. I returned for the first time in about 5 years and a lot has changed. The restaurant has doubled in size, they pizza’s more expensive, and they are constantly packed. All that aside – it’s still the best pizza in Houston. The slices aren’t quite as big as I remember them being – but then again, I have grown a bit.

Fuzzy’s makes their sauce and dough from scratch and they use only the freshest ingredients. They’re busy every night so go early for the best service. Speaking of which: I’ve read a lot of complaints of poor quality in food or service. I’ve been several times since my visit to the new Fuzzy’s and I’ve never had anything but the best food. Sometimes the service is weak, but that’s to be expected when a restraint that seats 120 people has 130 people in it and their also processing to-go orders.

Fuzzy’s is also a bit more expensive than the regular Papa Hut-ino’s chain pizza. A large 1 – topping will run you $17 while their large specialty pizza’s run about $23.50. Conveniently, you can also order pizza by the slice for $2.25 + .25 for each standard topping. They offer more than pizza too (but really – who goes to Fuzzy’s and doesn’t order pizza?!) catering to the pasta and hot and cold sandwich crowd as well. In my opinion (and I guess that’s what you’re reading this for) the pizza is well worth the price. I hit up Fuzzy’s every time I’m in town.

Must order: Large New York style Pepperoni pizza on wheat crust. A large pie will feed 3 adults easily. Add a large Greek salad (loaded with kalamata olives, tomatoes, and feta cheese) and you can make it a meal for 5 pretty easily.

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Cici’s Pizza to bring the zesty back.

Check out the sign I saw today while driving by a Cici’s Pizza:

Cici’s pizza bringing the zesty back

It made me do a double-take and I had to go back and snap a pic for you guys! And it finally answers the age long question: what do Cici’s Pizza and Justin Timberlake have in common? Enjoy!

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