Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine Wii game annouced with teaser trailer! And speculation.

A new game for the Nintendo Wii and DS has been announced: Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine! This is a game based on the popular American version of Iron Chef. Here’s the incredibly cheesy trailer:

Not much is known about the game yet, but it’ll supposedly let you tackle culinary challenges on your way to becoming the next Iron Chef.Here’s our speculation on the game:Here’s what I expect the game will be:

I doubt that you’ll be able to create your own dishes. There’s just not enough processing power to determine if your dish tastes good. It’ll probably be more like a lot of mini games that lead you to making a dish. First, you’ll use the wiimote to slice your meat and veggies. Then you might season them. Then you grill or fry them, making sure not to burn anything. Then you plate your food. My guess is that this will all be timed to give you the feel of being on Iron Chef. You’ll probably practice in your own kitchen first before actually getting on to the show. At least, I hope they don’t expect you to just jump into Kitchen Stadium as a newbie. It’d be kinda cool if you started as a sous chef for one of the Iron Chefs and challenged them after training under them.

Here’s what I would realistically want/wish(but doubt would get) out of the game. This is a plausible scenario in my opinion. It’d be great to make your own recipes on the fly, but it’d be too hard to judge and have too many variables for programming. I kept in mind that the game would have to feasibly be programmed and also fit on a disk.

I think it should be a story based game where you start off at the bottom and need to earn experience points before you are invited to Iron Chef. You would start off as a fry cook at a burger joint then be promoted to a casual restaurant and so on.

Click “more” for a (very) detailed description of my version of the Iron Chef America Wii game:

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Food flash game: Korean grilling game

Check out this cool grilling game. It’s got no English on it(I think it’s Korean), so you’ll have to guess your way through. I also have no idea what it’s called, so if we have any readers that can read Korean, please comment!

Food flash game: Korean grilling game
Food flash game: Korean grilling game2

Premise of the game: Baby’s hungry and wants barbecue! Hurry and cook him some before he hates you forever and poops on your floor. Apparently, baby also does not like salmonella or food that tastes like charcoal so cook it right damnit.


  1. Grab the meat off the plate
  2. Stick it on the grill
  3. Flip it when it’s golden brown
  4. Put it on the serving plate when it’s completely done

You start off with what looks like tongues and progress through other meats. Mmm, bbq tongues!

Click below to play the game!
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Season Shot- Ammo with flavor

Season Shot- netfoodie’s coverage of ammo with flavor

Another twist on our previous post about the spice gun… flavored bullets! Season Shot is company that’s apparently looking to save a little time in hunting and cooking your game. Why waste time and meat with removing shot? Throw the whole bird in the oven! These bullets contain tightly packed flavor pellets that melt into the meat of the bird. And best of all, it’s eco-friendly!

The product appears to still be under development so you can’t walk into your local Williams-Sonoma store or Academy and buy the ammo just yet. But here’s to hoping this doesn’t end up as vapor ware!

Check out their website at

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