Hydrive Energy Drink- Kiwi Strawberry


Hydrive Energy- Kiwi Strawberry

Picture taken in my Global Cultures class via laptop webcam, heh.

Ah, another energy drink review. Must mean class has started up again! Today we’re trying out Hydrive Energy- Kiwi Strawberry “Alertness Formula”. I picked it up in the market on UT Arlington’s campus. I needed a pick me up and due to the campus’ recent switch to Pepsi, I was having a little trouble. Most of the issue was not being able to find a decent sugar free caffeine fix. I almost picked up a low carb No Fear drink, but struggled with the concept of imbibing on a drink by a defunct Walmart clothing line.

As a last chance effort to avoid this, I checked the other side of the shop and ran across a section of Hydrive Energy drinks. At first glance, they seemed to have answered a number of pleas for energy drinks:

  1. Low cal- it’s not sugar free, but has only 30 calories.
  2. $1.59- a lower price point is always happy.
  3. Non-carbonated- sometimes I just can’t stomach harsh carbonation in the morning.
  4. IT’S IN A FREAKING RECLOSABLE BOTTLE!- I actually have a conspiracy theory that drink companies WANT us to spill our drinks in class, go flat or warm up since we can’t close it and throw it in our backpacks. It’s warm, just buy another drink, right?

Thank you for thinking of me, Hydrive. It has a good taste, though a tiny bit oversweetened, with a bit of sugar free aftertaste. You come to expect taste as an afterthought when it comes to energy drinks, but Hydrive exceeds that expectation. With 145 g of caffeine- along with the usual array of taurine, guarana and whatnot- it completely satisfies my caffeine fix. In fact, I think it works better since it’s smoother, and quicker, to drink.

Hydrive Energy is the answer to my energy drink dreams. Hydrive Energy gets a 4 out of 5 awesomes!

Rating= 4

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Frank’s Energy Drink, Classic review!

Frank’s Energy Drink classicKeeps you yodeling all night long? We’ll see about that! This is actually a sample I picked up from the food show I went to recently. Free stuff always tastes better! They were being handed out by a couple blonde models in Austrian gear. Pretty out of place at a food show, but I’m not complaining. A little bit of searching shows that most of the news around this drink comes from Gene Simmons endorsing it. Oh, and also having sex with one of the models. On tape. With a background like that, we’ve got to try it! Oh, and it’s from Austria and junk.

Frank’s Energy Drink comes in four different flavors: classic, sugar free, pineapple and lime. All I got was the classic but I wish that I could taste the pineapple and lime. Somewhat out of the box flavors for energy drinks which is definitely cool with me. The classic flavor I got comes in your average slim can that many energy drinks do. Key ingredients include Taurine, Niacin (Vitamin B3), Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) and Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin).

It’s lightly carbonated and tastes… well… like an energy drink. Not the fruity sweet stuff we have today. No, I mean the old school energy drinks that didn’t have real flavors. You drank it for the caffeine content. If I had to describe the flavor, it’s like red bull but sweeter at the end. Almost a syrupy bubble gum flavor. Not unpleasant but not much to brag about either. It scores some bonus points for high school energy drink nostalgia though! I’d really love to try their other flavors though- no idea where I can get some besides ordering online.

Sorry, no yodeling but it did wake me up so I could get some work done for my management class today. And sometimes, that really is quite a feat.


Frank’s Energy Drink classic gets a 3.5 out of 5

Rating= 3.5

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Full Throttle Mother- strangely does not taste like moms

Full Throttle Mother review
Today we’re trying out Full Throttle Mother, just in time for this semester’s first round of exams! This is the latest in the Full Throttle energy drink lineup from Coca-Cola. The drink is Acai Berry flavored and boasts “Energy from Natural Sources”. A quick run through the ingredients shows its got Ginseng extract, Caffeine and Guarana extract along with vitamins b3, b6, b12 and E. Pretty stereotypical energy drink ingredients. The difference here is Coca-Cola uses 40% fruit juice(apple, pear and blueberry).

Ok, for some reason, I bought this without reading the actual flavor of the drink. Regular Full Throttle and Full Throttle Fury don’t have flavors. From their names, I guess they’re supposed to taste like angry car parts. Well, after drinking half of it, I finally noticed the small silver print at the bottom denoting the Acai Berry Flavor. Acai is the latest new product of the antioxidant craze. The only other Acai Berry flavored anything I’ve had was Emergen-C and I hated it. Think blueberry flavoring but more tart. Now turn that into a syrup and use a little too much of it. It’s a bit too overpowering for my tastes.

Acai aside, the fruit juices make FT Mother much smoother than other energy drinks, even though it is carbonated. This is very welcome in my opinion. When I buy an energy drink, its usually because I’m ridiculously tired and it’s usually in the morning. I hate how most energy drinks burn the hell out of your throat with the carbonation. Especially when you’re trying to chug it on the run.

Overall- I think I’d like this much more if it wasn’t Acai Berry. I’d still probably drink it in a pinch because of the juice in it. Energy drinks are usually more for utility than taste anyways. Still, kind of disappointed it didn’t taste like moms…

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