Review: Lance BOLDS Buffalo Wing Blue Cheese Crackers

If you haven?t figured it out, I?m just reviewing random snacks I already have in my work desk snack drawer.

Lance BOLDS Buffalo Wing Blue Cheese Cracker Sandwiches! The problem with most snacks that purport to be ?Buffalo Wing Flavored? could equally be labelled as ?Sorta Tastes Like Hot Sauce But Not Really? Flavored?. I?m always left disappointed. How do these cracker sandwiches stack up?

(Get it? Because you can stack them?)

It?s a step in the right direction. They?re definitely tasty. There?s just a little heat, as you would expect from a mainstream snack food. The difference here is the addition of blue cheese. It adds some extra dimension to the standard hot sauce flavor. Do they taste like eating at your local Wing Shack? No. But they?re a welcome distraction from staring at my computer screen all day.Interesting Note: I?ve been working out on my lunch breaks from time to time. I got back to my desk last week and thought ?MAN. I think I can smell my shoes. That?s so weird, they?re basically new. I guess I need to get some spray or something.? Ten minutes later, I tracked down the smell. These crackers smell like funky shoes.


But in a good way??


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Wishtree Fried Chicken Crackers- tastes like chicken, kinda

Wishtree Fried Chicken Flavored CrackersWell, I better like these or find some friends who do. The only way it I could find to buy it was in a bag of 20. Luckily, it only cost me $2.50. And also lucky for me, they taste good too!

Ok, so I call these Wishtree Chicken flavored crackers but that’s mostly because those are just about the only English words I can find on the package. I picked these up at my local Hong Kong supermarket and they come in this cute little fried chicken takeout bag with a handle. As an added bonus, you get a little cartoon chicken mascot that appears to be saying “Please eat me. I’m tasty!”

Each package contains 10 very thin crackers. They taste a little buttery and do really have a light chicken taste. If you’ve ever had “Chicken in a Biscuit” crackers, same idea. If not, think Ritz crackers with a salty chickeny flavor. Unlike these crackers though, these are really tin, crispier and a little toastier. I was hoping for a little more flavor, but they are great little snacks. Add a little cheese and they’re awesome!

Now who wants to come over to my place for a chicken cracker party?

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