Lucas Skwinkles / Sopeados Review- Gummie worms and chili sauce??

Lucas Skwinkles gummie worms and chili sauceI ran across these Skwinkles at Fiesta mart for 50 cents. They were awkwardly positioned next to the dog food, so I had to make sure I was eating people food. Check! These Skwinkles are these little inch long gummy worms with a chili dipping sauce. Hungry yet?
Lucas is a candy company out of Mexico that makes all sorts of Mexican treats. They’re headed by a cool duck with sunglasses. Maybe if I eat more candy, I could be as cool as him! I mostly remember them from their Lucas Limon Salt- basically a shaker of really sour salt. And you eat it straight up as candy. What the hell was I thinking when I was a kid?! Actually, they were really popular at my school and actually garnered a news station to have them test. The results showed them to have an unhealthy acidic level for kids. Yum! Who would have thought ingesting super sour salt was bad for you?

Lucas Skwinkles gummie worms and chili sauce

Anyways, the implied directions are to take the gummie worms and dip them in the dark red chili sauce. The gummie worms look like sour “nightcrawler” worms, but feel firmer. Once you bite into them, though, they’re much softer and have a light sweet flavor. The sauce is super thick: between syrup and a paste. It looks like it’d take some planning to not make a mess before you finish the candy. It has a sour/salty/sweet flavor-in that order- with a low dry heat to it. Not spicy, but definitely chili. Together, you get the sweetness of the gummie worms and the tartness and saltiness of the chili sauce. Overall, they work well together and are super flavorful.Overall, it’s definitely flavorful and definitely different. Not something I’d eat everyday, but not bad. I give Lucas Swkinkles a 3 out of 5 awesomenesses.

Rating= 3

Roomate James says, “It tastes somewhere between putrid and sweet.”




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Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos review! And where to find them!

Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos reviewHot damn! I finally found the Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos that Stephen Colbert has been raving over on the Colbert Report! I’ve been checking every store I go to and could not find a single bag! Today, I was getting stuff for our Easter BBQ and found them at Fiesta Mart in Arlington, TX. If you don’t have one nearby, you could always try to find them online: KatiesKandies has them.

Now are they worth it? Sure! I’ve had Sweet Chili chips before and haven’t liked them much. Usually they’re going for a Thai flavor and everything just ends up too dry tasting if that makes any sense. Too much heat and not enough flavor.

New Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos are surprisingly good. There’s definitely enough flavor to go around. It starts with a sweet cheesiness and gives you a little heat on the back end. It’s almost a BBQ taste. They weren’t very spicy to me, but some friends that tried them thought there was a decent amount of heat on them. They’re not my favorite Doritos flavor, but I definitely wouldn’t mind munching on them at a party or bbq. Or watching the Colbert Report. Gotta love that Colbert Bump!

Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos gets a 4 out of 5 on the awesomeness meter!

Rating= 4

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Mystery of the Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos- now without a review!

Doritos Sweet and Spicy Chiliupdate: I finally found these Doritos and have a review on this snack food here!

Today on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert had a huge segment on Doritos funding his escapades again. He practically swam in bags of Dorito’s new Spicy Sweet Chili flavor. They fell from the ceiling as if they were ballons… happy ballons, fill with corn chips. He tossed chips at the audience while he ate them. And as he ate them, he actually didn’t seem to like them much.

I had seen these chips earlier last week and thought about picking them up. I decided against it since sweet chili flavor on chips hasn’t worked out well in my experience. But all this attention they were getting, I figured I’d review them for you guys. It’s not cuz I love you guys, I’m just using you to get to your hot sister.

Well after searching 4 stores after midnight(in the rain, mind you) I still cannot freaking find these things. I’m positive I saw them last week! I’m not crazy, I swear! I can’t remember where I saw them, so I went to my usual places: Walmart, Kroger, Tom Thumb and QT (Quick Trip gas station). No luck. I even tried to call my little brother(who I think saw them with me) at 1am for help. For some strange reason, he wouldn’t answer me. Maybe Doritos took a page from the Nintendo marketing plan and are creating shortages to boost desirability…. or not.

Oh well. When I find them, I’ll be sure to post up a review. Till then, we’ll be following the “Dorito’s Spicy Sweet Pennsylvania Primary Coverage From Chili-Delphia- The City of Brotherly Crunch!” on the Colbert Report! Stay tuned!

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