Life, Cheetos and Flaming Hot Sex

I recently reviewed the newest flavor from Cheetos. It got me wondering if you can measure maturity based on Cheeto preference.

In high school, for me it was all about Flaming Hot Cheetos. That’s what life is like as a teenager: EXTREME! You think you’re invincible and will stick anything in your mouth that’s exciting or spicy. (maybe that was just me…)

I’ve gotten a little older and now prefer Cheddar Jalepeno as my cheese snack of choice. I do revisit my old friend Flaming Hot from time to time, but mostly to prove that I can still hold my own. Cheddar Jalepeno Cheetos still offer a little spice in my life, but are mild enough to enjoy with mixed company. It’s sort of like trading in your sports car for a sedan, but you install rims and exhaust on the sedan to show you’re still cool.

I imagine that as I get older, my taste for Cheetos will get more and more mild. Some day, I’ll be gumming on Cheetos Puffs telling my grandchildren about the awesome ’91 Honda Prelude I used to drive. With Flaming Hot fingerprints all over the upholstery. From the Flaming Hot sex I was getting. Then my granchildren will throw up and we’ll all have a good laugh.

Cheetos timeline

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Cheesy Enchilada Cheetos- Dangerously Awesome Review

What makes Cheetos so dangerous? I haven’t read any news articles blaming Cheetos for crime rates like the iPod. Maybe we should blame Cheetos. That cheetah is up to no good. Just watch the latest commercials for Cheetos. Chester is sneaking in and out of the shadows, enlisting innocent people to perform acts of civil disobedience. We’ve got to stop these random acts of Cheetos. And I’ll thank you not to shove Cheetos in my nostrils, Chester. Cheetos belong in my mouth.

Cheesy Enchilada Cheetos reviewEspecially these new Cheesy Enchilada Cheetos. I picked them up at Kroger- 2 bucks on sale- and DAMN are they good. For the cheese-puff-related record, here’s how I prefer my Cheetos. In order from favorite to least: Cheddar Jalepeno, Flaming Hot, Puffs, Classic. Yes, I put old school crunchy at the bottom of my list. These jump right on up there, right smack even with Flaming Hot. Tied for second!

They’re your classic crunchy form of Cheeto, with an extra kick of flavor. I actually don’t do enchiladas that much, so I didn’t expect much out of these. But these are great! They’ve got a dash of chili and cumin; not enough to be spicy, but enough to be freaking awesome. Repeat munchability factor is high.

Perhaps that cheetah is onto something. Maybe I’ll join the Orange Underground. You think they give you free Cheetos?

I give this a 4 out of 5 on the awesomeness meter!

Cheeto’d meter 4

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