Review- Airways Hamburgers in Arlington

Airways Hamburgers in Arlington, TX reviewSituated directly across the new Dallas cowboys stadium, Airways burgers is in a prime location to make it big! Seriously, you could almost throw a rock at the stadium(though, apparently, they don’t want you to try). So as part of our April search for the best burger under 2 bucks in Arlington, we gave them a try!

Airways boasts charcoal grilled burgers and a great atmosphere. They are well priced- most burgers about 3 bucks- but unfortunately, the only burger that meets our 2 dollar limit is the Jr Burger for $1.69. And boy is it junior. And it doesn’t make up for it in the flavor department either. The charcoal grilled patty came with mustard and pickles on a bun. It tasted like burnt meat, mustard and pickles on a bun. Come on, just because you use charcoal doesn’t mean you have to burn it to prove it.

And if you’re saying “well… it’s a junior burger, it’s meant for kids”, I have 2 things to say. First, kids like good tasting food too- though maybe with a slightly skewed palette. And B, I also had their Hickory burger which consisted of a bigger patty, chopped onions and bbq sauce on a bun. This burger was also burnt and the onions were entirely overwhelming. And I love onions. I couldn’t even finish it, even though I left hungry.

So to recap, the burger was burnt, tasted bad and small. Airways Hamburgers gets 1 out of 5. Not awesome at all.

Rating= 1

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Review: Neighborhood Grill, Arlington TX

Neighborhood Grill in Arlington, TXI always go to Neighborhood Grill for, oddly enough, their snow cones. I’m in love with the “sour head” you can add to any flavor. I used to be a sour freak as a kid and sour head is probably the most sour substance I’ve ever put in my mouth if you don’t mix your snow cone beforehand. And that’s a good thing! They also boast about being named one of the cleanest restaurants in Arlington, always a good thing! I’d only once eaten food there(chicken philly cheese) and it was great. Since we’re running a segment on finding the best two dollar burger in Arlington this month, I figured I’d give them the first crack at it.

Cheeseburger at Neighborhood Grill

I went with their cheeseburger for $1.79. As always, I went “all the way” with the veggies. This includes lettuce, tomato and onion with mayo and ketchup. I brought this one home since it was almost closing time. I love the picnic table pattern on the wrappers, it really reminds you that this is not a McBleh burger. It’s a nice big burger for the price. I actually measured it to be 5 inches wide. The bun is grilled on both sides which is a nice touch. The beef patty was a nice size, but somewhat average in taste. Just a little on the dry side. What makes this burger is the flavor. The mayo looks to be a little bit peppered and gives it a really satisfying flavor. There are just enough veggies on there, not skimpy but also not falling out of the bun(which I hate). All of this gives it a great flavor and a great price!

They have a great menu and really good prices. And if you go, make sure to get a snow cone with some sour head! And tell Sammy we said hi! Neighborhood Grill in Arlington

Neighborhood Grill in Arlington, TX gets a 4 out of 5 on the awesomeness meter!
Rating= 4


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netfoodie’s quest for the best burgers in Arlington Texas!

Best burgers in Arlington, TXWe’re going to start a new running theme. Every month, we’re going to choose a new food and find out who makes it best in Arlington. Whew, a break from snack food reviews! We’re not getting paid to do this(yet?) so each segment will also be affordable to the average college student(ie- me). Throughout the month, we’ll visit local restaurants that meet the criteria and review their foodwares. At the end of the month, we’ll crown a winner!

April is burger month! We’re going to scour Arlington Texas for the best cheap burger. With the price of gas everything going up, it’s good to know where you can still get a great burger for cheap! Here’s the criteria:

  • Must be under 2 dollars(before tax)- this will limit our selections to the basic burger and keep it affordable. Sorry, no triple bacon Kobe beef burger with truffle butter here!
  • We will review the burger closest to 2 bucks without going over(price is right rules!)
  • All burgers will be reviewed with “all the fixins”(veggies and condiments)
  • Must be in Arlington or the immediate surrounding area.
  • We’re going to stay away from the big guys: McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Sonics, etc. We love indie restaurants here!

Stay tuned or follow this link to check out our quest for the best burgers in Arlington!

If any Arlingtonians Arlingtonites Arlingtonauts? local folks have any suggestions, please comment! Where is the best place to get cheap burgers in Arlington?

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