I taste, therefore I am (still here).

Sorry again for the lack of updates. Finals are over so things should be much less hectic around netfoodie headquarters. I do want to mention that everything being expensive these days makes it a bit more difficult to review new foods. It’s hard enough to fill up my tank, let alone review the snacks in the gas station. Oh well, the show must go on!

If anyone is reading this and cares, we’re open to donations to our snack fund! If you’ve got some leftover scratch in paypal, click below to donate to the netfoodie fund! Any little bit helps keep the site afloat!

Peddling aside, expect a real update tomorrow!

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Ooh, something sparkly!

Sorry guys, I’ve been a little distracted recently and haven’t gotten as many snack food reviews as I normally do. And if you wanted to know what’s distracting me, well… it’s learning to make jewelry! Ok, before you revoke my man card, let me explain.

In my random internet searchings, I ran across this awesome site called Etsy.com. It’s kind of like an eBay for all things handmade. They have some REALLY cool stuff on the site. I fancy myself a creative person, so I signed up for a seller account. Woohoo, I can make stuff and sell it now! But what?

And that’s why I’ve been distracted. I’ve been learning to sew and make jewelry and other crafty goodness. Including ninjas! And ninjas are manly, so there!

Here’s a little link of what I have on my shop so far. Not much yet, but steadily growing! And I promise I’ll get some more reviews up!

Ninja Bean Bag


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Mmmm… foodie…

Ooo! Yay! Another blog! How original! So what’s this one about, huh?

Glad you asked, voices in my head. This is, or rather, will become a blog about real food for real people. Yes, we all know that a $100 meal in a 5 star restaurant taste great. But how’s that new Arby’s sandwich taste? What about the newest flaming hot snack from Frito-lay? Or the newest Hot Pocket flavor? Or this weird green bag of something that I found at the local Asian supermarket? Or this strange fruit I found in my neighbor’s yard?
But why ruin your dinner trying something new, just to find out that it tastes like chicken broth and sawdust? Watch US ruin our dinners instead! YAY!

Here’s what I want this site to become:

  • Real food reviews from our team of foodies
  • Videos of us microwaving things that aught not be microwaved
  • Reviews of local and nonlocal indie restaurants
  • Reviews of foodie gadgets
  • Recipes that normal people can actually recreate
  • Articles about food trends and other general musings

So sit back, relax and count how many times we can give ourselves food poisoning!


Half eaten Pear

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