Question- Do you tip the restaurant owner?

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In the US, it’s generally accepted that when you eat at a restaurant, you must tip. The general guideline is 15-20%, more or less, and is based on the performance of the server. There are many differing opinions on gratuities, especially with individuals who have themselves been servers/waiters/waitresses.

I like to eat at mom and pop restaurants. At many of these restaurants, the owner or family will be the one serving your food. After you meal, do you tip the owner?

I feel uncomfortable tipping the owner of a restaurant. I feel like it’s almost an insult to the owner. Tipping carries an underlying connotation of class structure. You tip people that serve you. By tipping someone, you are implying that (for this interaction at least) you are above them. This is further cemented by the accepted salary for waitstaff which is $2.13 an hour in Texas. many waiters and waitresses depend on tips to make a living.

I do not own a restaurant, but as an entrepreneur, I consider restaurateur to be a position of prestige. By tipping the owner, you are lowering the class of the owner. I may be way off base here, but I don’t believe a restaurateur goes into business expecting to make tips. You figure out your costs and other variables and set your prices to make a profit. The owner is not being paid $2.13 an hour.

It’s stupid to assume that there aren’t restaurant owners out there that want/need that extra money. And if you like a restaurant, it makes sense that you want to help the restaurant stay afloat. I think a better policy would be to order extra food or dessert to go. Bring this food to a friend with a business card or takeout menu. Here’s the important part: be sure to tell the owner that you loved the food so much that you’re bringing some to a friend. You are supporting your local restaurant without tipping. Even more so, you are spreading the word about the restaurant and potentially generating more business. Do you think the owner would rather have your 5 bucks now or more people coming through the doors?

Do you think restaurant owners should be tipped?

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Anyone else have weird eating rituals?

I have a weird relationship with food. I get into moods where everything has to be just right. When I eat, I never mix my food together. I judge each next bite against the qualities of the previous bite. Example: If I’m eating rice and stir fry and I just had a bite with alot of sauce and vegetables, I make sure the next bite I take has more rice and meat. I also have this thing about eating in front of the TV. I can’t eat if something good isn’t on. Seriously, I’ll let my food go cold while I’m flipping through the channels. Hopefully, I find something- or at the very least, something in the next time block! I also ABSOLUTELY hate taking the last piece of food while eating with a group. I’ll stare at it while my stomach gurgles but will rarely go for it.

What about you guys? Have any weird food habits?

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Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine Wii game annouced with teaser trailer! And speculation.

A new game for the Nintendo Wii and DS has been announced: Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine! This is a game based on the popular American version of Iron Chef. Here’s the incredibly cheesy trailer:

Not much is known about the game yet, but it’ll supposedly let you tackle culinary challenges on your way to becoming the next Iron Chef.Here’s our speculation on the game:Here’s what I expect the game will be:

I doubt that you’ll be able to create your own dishes. There’s just not enough processing power to determine if your dish tastes good. It’ll probably be more like a lot of mini games that lead you to making a dish. First, you’ll use the wiimote to slice your meat and veggies. Then you might season them. Then you grill or fry them, making sure not to burn anything. Then you plate your food. My guess is that this will all be timed to give you the feel of being on Iron Chef. You’ll probably practice in your own kitchen first before actually getting on to the show. At least, I hope they don’t expect you to just jump into Kitchen Stadium as a newbie. It’d be kinda cool if you started as a sous chef for one of the Iron Chefs and challenged them after training under them.

Here’s what I would realistically want/wish(but doubt would get) out of the game. This is a plausible scenario in my opinion. It’d be great to make your own recipes on the fly, but it’d be too hard to judge and have too many variables for programming. I kept in mind that the game would have to feasibly be programmed and also fit on a disk.

I think it should be a story based game where you start off at the bottom and need to earn experience points before you are invited to Iron Chef. You would start off as a fry cook at a burger joint then be promoted to a casual restaurant and so on.

Click “more” for a (very) detailed description of my version of the Iron Chef America Wii game:

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Life, Cheetos and Flaming Hot Sex

I recently reviewed the newest flavor from Cheetos. It got me wondering if you can measure maturity based on Cheeto preference.

In high school, for me it was all about Flaming Hot Cheetos. That’s what life is like as a teenager: EXTREME! You think you’re invincible and will stick anything in your mouth that’s exciting or spicy. (maybe that was just me…)

I’ve gotten a little older and now prefer Cheddar Jalepeno as my cheese snack of choice. I do revisit my old friend Flaming Hot from time to time, but mostly to prove that I can still hold my own. Cheddar Jalepeno Cheetos still offer a little spice in my life, but are mild enough to enjoy with mixed company. It’s sort of like trading in your sports car for a sedan, but you install rims and exhaust on the sedan to show you’re still cool.

I imagine that as I get older, my taste for Cheetos will get more and more mild. Some day, I’ll be gumming on Cheetos Puffs telling my grandchildren about the awesome ’91 Honda Prelude I used to drive. With Flaming Hot fingerprints all over the upholstery. From the Flaming Hot sex I was getting. Then my granchildren will throw up and we’ll all have a good laugh.

Cheetos timeline

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