Season Shot- Ammo with flavor

Season Shot- netfoodie’s coverage of ammo with flavor

Another twist on our previous post about the spice gun… flavored bullets! Season Shot is company that’s apparently looking to save a little time in hunting and cooking your game. Why waste time and meat with removing shot? Throw the whole bird in the oven! These bullets contain tightly packed flavor pellets that melt into the meat of the bird. And best of all, it’s eco-friendly!

The product appears to still be under development so you can’t walk into your local Williams-Sonoma store or Academy and buy the ammo just yet. But here’s to hoping this doesn’t end up as vapor ware!

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Introducing the Spice Gun….. BAM!

Spice Gun pepper grinder

Check out this cool new way to spice your favorite food… you shoot it in the face! Zhu Fei from China unveiled it’s concept of the Spice Gun. All you need to do is pop it open, put in your favorite dry spices and pull the trigger. The Spice Gun actually shoots your seasonings out with a burst of air! Sounds cool and all, but how many drunk party related eye injuries do you think it’d take before there’s a lawsuit?

Via Engadget

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