Food flash game: Korean grilling game

Check out this cool grilling game. It’s got no English on it(I think it’s Korean), so you’ll have to guess your way through. I also have no idea what it’s called, so if we have any readers that can read Korean, please comment!

Food flash game: Korean grilling game
Food flash game: Korean grilling game2

Premise of the game: Baby’s hungry and wants barbecue! Hurry and cook him some before he hates you forever and poops on your floor. Apparently, baby also does not like salmonella or food that tastes like charcoal so cook it right damnit.


  1. Grab the meat off the plate
  2. Stick it on the grill
  3. Flip it when it’s golden brown
  4. Put it on the serving plate when it’s completely done

You start off with what looks like tongues and progress through other meats. Mmm, bbq tongues!

Click below to play the game!
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