Drunkables: Mind Eraser drink recipe- safer than drinking paint thinner!

Ooh, our young little website here scored a fake ID! Hurry, what’s the fastest way to get drunk before our parents find out! Answer: Mind Erasers!

Mind eraser alcoholic drink


  • 1 shot of Kahlua coffee liqueur
  • 1 shot of Vodka
  • 1 shot of club soda

Add ice in an old fashion glass(or any short glass). Slowly pour Kahlua, then Vodka, then club soda into the glass, being careful not to mix them. Serve with a straw.

Drinking: Keep the straw at the bottom of the drink. Start drinking and don’t stop until you’re done. As you go through the different liquids, you get different flavors. First you taste coffee, then vodka and then the club soda refreshes your palate. At the end, you’ll have an aftertaste of chocolate milk!

This drink really does live up to it’s name. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

Disclaimer: netfoodie.com does not endorse underage drinking. Unless it’s filmed. No, really, don’t drink if you’re under 21!

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