The Confectional- mini cheesecakes that’ll make you hug your delivery guy.

Confectional Cheesecakes reviewAll I want for Christmas is a box full of cream cheese and love. The Confectional is a company based out of Seattle that’ll ship a heavenly(and surprisingly heavy) box of mini cheesecakes straight to your door. All they ask in return is that you confess your love for cheesecake. And these aren’t your average cheesecakes either! With a whopping 16 flavors right now, this is a great gift for any discriminating foodie in your life. You can mix and match as little of a box of 9 and as large as 20.

For our box, we chose an assortment of Seattle’s NY style, Caramel, Triple Berry, Mexican Chocolate and their in season Pumpkin cheesecake. Here’s our thoughts on each flavor:

Seattle’s NY Style- we had to of course start off with a NY style as a base. The cheesecake was sweeter than expected, but not overly sweet. You know you’re eating dessert and not a bastardized quiche-y concoction. It’s dense and creamy, how a cheesecake should be. Just enough crust- I hate a cheesecake that tastes like half crust.

Pumpkin- this is their seasonal flavor and the most anticipated one in Angela’s opinion. The pumpkin cheesecake was denser than the NY and had almost the texture of a pudding cake. It was well spiced, but the pumpkin by itself was somewhat underwhelming. Fortunately, their signature sweetened sour cream topping gave it a nice tart contrast that tied it together very well. I loved the little green stalk!

Confectional Cheesecakes reviewCaramel- this is a great choice if you prefer your cheesecake sweet. It has a caramel flavor blended into the cheesecake and also seemed to have a layer of caramel between the cheesecake and the crust. Some parts of the crust had a satisfying candied taste and crunch. Here, the crust tastes like a cookie!

Triple Berry- this one is my favorite! It has strawberries, blueberries and raspberries mixed into it. I really appreciate the whole berries in the cheesecake. The berry flavor is very prominent. It all rests on a chocolate crust. I’m usually not a fan of fruit and chocolate, but I was pleasantly surprised! The netfoodie favorite!

Mexican Chocolate- we ordered this one as test of one of their more wilder flavors. It’s a chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate crust and a sprinkle of cinnamon and cayenne to give it a little kick. You get more of a spiciness than I expected, towards the end. The chocolate cheesecake was well balanced and wasn’t overly chocolaty unlike many competitors. Very creamy!

Confectional Mini Cheesecakes review

Overall, these The Confectional’s mini cheesecakes are a great indulgent treat for you or an awesome gift for a friend. 4 out of 5 awesomes!

Rating= 4

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