Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce

This is one of the products that were sent to us to try. It bills itself as an “All purpose Sauce” and that description is not far off. This stuff is great on burgers, chicken and most meats. It is slightly sweet flavor blends most harmoniously with food. It achieves the state most condiments should strive for, enhancing flavor without over powering the flavor of the food itself.

My only complaint is a minor one at worst. Even though it lists fries and steaks as items on which to use this semisweet sauce, I would not recommend it. Its sweetness overrides the tradional flavor of the steak and makes fries almost dessertlike. I do see on their website that they offer a “spicy” version, and though I have not tried this version I think a bit of spice would correct the sweetness issue with steaks and fries.

Nonetheless, I would  actually purchase this sauce again, and really enjoyed it on everything else. So I would give it 3.5 stars.

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