Sierra Mist Undercover Orange soda review

Sierra Mist Undercover OrangeAren’t movie tie-ins great? It lets a big company do a limited run of a product without too much risk involved. Plus, could get almost any product you wanted in Shrek green! Today, we’re trying out one of those movie tie-ins: Sierra Mist Undercover Orange.

It’s a special promotion for the upcoming Get Smart movie. The “undercover” part of the nomenclature comes from the clear color of the orange flavored soda. It’s a little bit of a throwback to Pepsi Clear. Very ninja! How’s it taste? GREAT! It’s supposed to have a mandarin orange flavor but it tastes more like orange candy. The taste is very sweet, but is well balanced with the carbonation. That gives it a crisp and not syrupy flavor. I could drink this stuff all day! Now if they only had a diet flavor.

Sierra Mist Undercover Orange soda gets 5 out of 5 awesomes today! Amazing!

Rating= 5

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Pace Triple Pepper Salsa review

Pace Triple Pepper SalsaRoommate Jim l-o-v-e-s the salsa. He’d rather use salsa than any sort of hot sauce. He’d probably order salsa soup if a restaurant had it on the menu. Well thats good news for both you and me because that means more new product reviews! Today, we’re trying out Pace’s new Triple Pepper Salsa. It comes in a new style black label that makes it look like it was made in New York City, ironically enough. Who cares though, it worked and we bought some.

The first thing I noticed about the salsa is that it actually doesn’t mention how much heat it’s got. It does mention that it’s made of Green chili, Serrano and Guajillo peppers. So how hot is it? On a scale of 1 being ketchup and 5 being death(atomic wings from WingZone), these are about a 2. There is some heat, but it’s surprisingly sweet as well. It’s also a pretty thick salsa for those of you that have a preference. Not chunky, but thick.

Overall, I give Pace’s Triple Pepper Salsa a 4 out of 5 awesomenesses. It’s sweet with a little bit of heat.

 Rating= 4

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