Happy Memorial Day from netfoodie.com! Happy BBQs!

Best burgers in Arlington, TXHappy Memorial Day everyone. Remember to take a little time to think about the guys and gals keeping us safe all over the world. Whatever your political views are, it doesn’t change the fact that these people are working hard for us. Fire up the grill and salute them!

Here’s a recipe for Smore Kabobs from my Easter BBQ in case you missed it, just replace the peeps with jumbo marshmallows! Click on the picture below for the article!

Memorial Day dessert recipe

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A good day for free food!

Today, you can go to McDonald’s and try out their new Southern style chicken sandwich for free if you buy a large or medium drink. It’s basically their version of a Chikfila sandwich, but free is free!

If you’re feeling a little sluggish, you can also check out Dunkin Donuts for a free iced coffee today. Click here for a store locator:


Top the day off with some free sampling at your local warehouse club and you’ve got yourself a great day.

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I taste, therefore I am (still here).

Sorry again for the lack of updates. Finals are over so things should be much less hectic around netfoodie headquarters. I do want to mention that everything being expensive these days makes it a bit more difficult to review new foods. It’s hard enough to fill up my tank, let alone review the snacks in the gas station. Oh well, the show must go on!

If anyone is reading this and cares, we’re open to donations to our snack fund! If you’ve got some leftover scratch in paypal, click below to donate to the netfoodie fund! Any little bit helps keep the site afloat!

Peddling aside, expect a real update tomorrow!

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