Review- Airways Hamburgers in Arlington

Airways Hamburgers in Arlington, TX reviewSituated directly across the new Dallas cowboys stadium, Airways burgers is in a prime location to make it big! Seriously, you could almost throw a rock at the stadium(though, apparently, they don’t want you to try). So as part of our April search for the best burger under 2 bucks in Arlington, we gave them a try!

Airways boasts charcoal grilled burgers and a great atmosphere. They are well priced- most burgers about 3 bucks- but unfortunately, the only burger that meets our 2 dollar limit is the Jr Burger for $1.69. And boy is it junior. And it doesn’t make up for it in the flavor department either. The charcoal grilled patty came with mustard and pickles on a bun. It tasted like burnt meat, mustard and pickles on a bun. Come on, just because you use charcoal doesn’t mean you have to burn it to prove it.

And if you’re saying “well… it’s a junior burger, it’s meant for kids”, I have 2 things to say. First, kids like good tasting food too- though maybe with a slightly skewed palette. And B, I also had their Hickory burger which consisted of a bigger patty, chopped onions and bbq sauce on a bun. This burger was also burnt and the onions were entirely overwhelming. And I love onions. I couldn’t even finish it, even though I left hungry.

So to recap, the burger was burnt, tasted bad and small. Airways Hamburgers gets 1 out of 5. Not awesome at all.

Rating= 1

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