Cookie Diet? Mmm.. Cookie Monster like cookies! And yes, it’s real!

Cookie Diet real or fakeA little bit tastier sounding than the vinegar diet, the cookie diet seems to have alot more legitimacy behind it. It was developed 1975 by Dr. Sanford Siegal and has been used to treat more than 500,000 patients. It’s also been used by hundreds of other doctors with their patients.

Here’s how it works: You eat 6 special cookies throughout the day and a sensible dinner with lean meat and veggies at night. And by “special”, I don’t mean special brownie “special”. These cookies have a secret blend of amino acids that help curb hunger. The average patient loses 15 pounds in a month!

This diet has recently gain media attention because Madonna was interviewed saying that her husband, Guy Ritchie, reported a loss of sexual appetite while on the cookie diet. The cookie doctor fired back about it in his blog, saying that none of his over 500,000 patients has reported any loss of libido.

Check out the cookie diet website for more information:


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