Do you chew on ice? See a doctor!

Chewing Ice Anemia Iron Deficiency

Wow! In my random interweb surfings, I ran across an article about craving and chewing ice being related to health problems. Not frostbite or chipped teeth as you might expect, but iron deficiency anemia! It’s not sure why they crave ice, but studies show it’s true!

I used to chew crushed ice every day in high school. Not sure if I had any related health problems. I loved doing it and was always disappointed if they ran out of ice that day. I used to hear that people who chew ice are sexually frustrated. Did I mention I used to chew ice in high school?

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3 Comments to “Do you chew on ice? See a doctor!”

  1. Vance Webb
    August 27, 2009

    I chew Ice all the time, I chew it because it feels good on my teeth and its probablly my only source of water intake, besides what happens to get in my mouth when I am showering.

  2. Joeycakes
    December 3, 2009

    Please chew ice in complete privacy. If you are doing this around others, believe me, the noise is repulsive and disgusting. Disbelief? Record yourself doing this and play it back for yourself.

  3. cathy
    August 3, 2010

    hi can anyone tell me why in the world do i crave ice shavings all day long, i’m 55 yrs. old, no menses cycle and no menopause. Just ice, ice, ice. cathy

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