Anyone else have weird eating rituals?

I have a weird relationship with food. I get into moods where everything has to be just right. When I eat, I never mix my food together. I judge each next bite against the qualities of the previous bite. Example: If I’m eating rice and stir fry and I just had a bite with alot of sauce and vegetables, I make sure the next bite I take has more rice and meat. I also have this thing about eating in front of the TV. I can’t eat if something good isn’t on. Seriously, I’ll let my food go cold while I’m flipping through the channels. Hopefully, I find something- or at the very least, something in the next time block! I also ABSOLUTELY hate taking the last piece of food while eating with a group. I’ll stare at it while my stomach gurgles but will rarely go for it.

What about you guys? Have any weird food habits?

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