Nation Joe Day is today! On March 27, you can be a Joe too.

national joe day bazooka joe

Don’t like you’re name? Well today’s you’re day! Apparently, on March 27th anyone can change their name to Joe for one day. The great part is that this is a unisex name. It could be short for Joseph or Joanna. It’s fun for everyone! And don’t stop there, if you’re going to lie about your first name today, make up a last name too! Here are some fun Joe names, including a couple culinary ones:

  • JoJo(great if you’re a 15 pop sensation!)
  • Bazooka Joe
  • Joe Blow
  • Cuppa Joe(sounds Italian!)
  • Joe Mamm(old school!)

So get up, chew some Bazooka bubble gum, go to your favorite coffee spot, introduce yourself to the barista as Joe, order a cup of joe, and relax listening to your ipod playlist of JoJo, Joey McIntyre, and K-C and Jojo.

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