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Taste of Thai frontAngela and I were driving around hungry with our recent room mate, James(if you ask, he goes by Jim but I refuse), who is somewhat new to the area and has a strong taste for almost all things Asian. The idea of Thai food was brought up, so I figured I’d show him the ones I know of in the area. We ended up at Taste of Thai at Arkansas and 360. I’d seen it before, but never actually dined there. Always up for an adventure, we took a step inside.

The atmosphere inside is very cozy and almost romantic. There are paintings of Southeast Asia on the wall that really built up the ambiance. A few reminded me of something my Cambodian parents would probably have. As a general note about small Asian restaurants, it seems pretty common to have a modest appearance but serve great food. That’s perfectly fine with me, I’m there to eat! Taste of Thai really breaks this mold with a great atmosphere.

They have a huge menu- and I took forever to decide as usual. I went for the Taste of Thai Spicy Beef ($8.95), James had the Panang Curry Chicken ($8.95) and Angela had the Noodles with Chicken in Brown Sauce ($7.75).

Taste of Thai Arlington Inside

They started us off with a small salad and some broth with onion. I loved the salad! Honestly, I usually just pick at the salad at Thai places because there’s nothing else in front of me. The dressing was great! It tastes like a creamy and sweet peanut mayo of some sort. The broth was also very flavorful and cleansed my palate for my upcoming spicy feast.

Our food came out and it looked great. My Taste of Thai Beef was flavorful and spicy. Honestly, I was expecting it to be much more spicy. It was laced with alot of chili flakes and did have a kick, but less than I was anticipating. The vegetables were cooked well and the sauce was fantastic.

Angela’s noodles also came out well. If you’ve never had pan fried thick noodles in brown sauce, you are missing out big time. It’s always a winner. If you can a place that will pan fry the noodles until they’re crunchy on the bottom, you’ll be in heaven.

James wasn’t quite as excited about his curry. His background with curry has always been Indian cuisine, so he wasn’t expecting the coconut milk. We shared our plates anyways(the real way to eat Asian) so he was still satisfied. I had his curry and it was very pleasant. This is a reddish curry with coconut milk, chicken, potatoes and peanuts. It really reminded me of curry my parents used to make but slightly thicker. I wasn’t much into curry then, but can appreciate it much more now. This curry is thick, creamy and has a slight spiciness to it. And the best part, I now have some in my fridge for later!

One of the main reasons we ate out was for the dessert. They have different ways you can finish off you meal including different Asian fruits and coconut ice cream. James was craving some sweet coconut rice and mango, but unfortunately they were out of mango. He got the rice and custard instead. Not quite the same, but great in it’s own right. Angela and I shared a coconut ice cream on fried bananas. W-O-W! This is worth the trip. I would come here just for dessert; its the best! They make the coconut ice cream in house and you can buy containers to take home. You can really taste that the ice cream is homemade and fresh. Add that on top of some hot battered and fried bananas and there is no going back. Pie ala mode has nothing on this dish. Angela and James had to hold me back from licking the plate! Instead, I just spooned up every possibly drop of ice cream and banana.

Taste of Thai has some good food and some AWESOME desserts. If you’re in the mood for a slice of Southeast Asia, Taste of Thai is a great bet. Just remember to get the coconut ice cream and bananas. Oh, and order some for me too- I’m on my way!

Taste of Thai in Arlington, TX gets a 4.5 out of 5 on the awesomeness meter!
Rating= 4.5

Taste of Thai
2535 E.Arkansas Ln.#319
Arlington, TX 76010
Tel. 817.543.0110
Taste of Thai in Arlington

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