Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine Wii game annouced with teaser trailer! And speculation.

A new game for the Nintendo Wii and DS has been announced: Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine! This is a game based on the popular American version of Iron Chef. Here’s the incredibly cheesy trailer:

Not much is known about the game yet, but it’ll supposedly let you tackle culinary challenges on your way to becoming the next Iron Chef.Here’s our speculation on the game:Here’s what I expect the game will be:

I doubt that you’ll be able to create your own dishes. There’s just not enough processing power to determine if your dish tastes good. It’ll probably be more like a lot of mini games that lead you to making a dish. First, you’ll use the wiimote to slice your meat and veggies. Then you might season them. Then you grill or fry them, making sure not to burn anything. Then you plate your food. My guess is that this will all be timed to give you the feel of being on Iron Chef. You’ll probably practice in your own kitchen first before actually getting on to the show. At least, I hope they don’t expect you to just jump into Kitchen Stadium as a newbie. It’d be kinda cool if you started as a sous chef for one of the Iron Chefs and challenged them after training under them.

Here’s what I would realistically want/wish(but doubt would get) out of the game. This is a plausible scenario in my opinion. It’d be great to make your own recipes on the fly, but it’d be too hard to judge and have too many variables for programming. I kept in mind that the game would have to feasibly be programmed and also fit on a disk.

I think it should be a story based game where you start off at the bottom and need to earn experience points before you are invited to Iron Chef. You would start off as a fry cook at a burger joint then be promoted to a casual restaurant and so on.

Click “more” for a (very) detailed description of my version of the Iron Chef America Wii game:

It should have an underlying story/career mode. I’d like for there to be a choice system implemented. After you reach a certain experience, you’ll get invites to other restaurants. You have the chance to stay where you are and learn more recipes, move to another restaurant or even attend a culinary arts school! The longer you stay at a restaurant, the more recipes you can learn. Each recipe should have it’s own rating. Something you learn early in the game would have a low difficulty rating, but also have some comfort points added.

Recipes should be stored as unlock achievements and you’ll only be able to cook dishes you’ve already mastered. You should be able to add your own flair to the recipe too. Nothing complicated, just a sprinkle of cayenne for heat or use butter for richness. A squeeze of lemon for freshness, etc. These additions should be reflected in the judges’ comments. Creative plating would be hard to judge in a game, but there should be more of a messiness scale. Use a garnish for bonus points!

For actual gameplay, you will be given a recipe to complete- different recipe sets for different restaurants. The cooking will be a series of mini games- chop this, season that, grill this, plate that. This should be timed, longer time limit for lower difficulties with bonuses for hitting certain time marks. Through the different mini games, you should have an area on the screen with “optional” ingredients. This is where the flair would come in. After you finish a recipe, it will always be judged. At first, it’ll be judged by customers, then by critics.

In between the recipes, they should give you Food Network Challenge style bonus games for experience points and trophies. This should be simple button mashing/wiimote swinging games to keep peoples’ interest in the game. Chop these veggies the fastest you can or fry as many eggs as you can, etc.

After you earn enough experience, you will receive an invitation to be on the show. They should describe your culinary expertise in the Iron Chef show intro by the recipe bank you’ve accumulated and your past judgments. Basics would be French, Italian, Japanese, Southwest, etc. They should add “master” to users with high ratings on their past judgments or “pioneer” to those with high flair points, etc. Your previous bonus trophies should be stated too.

Mark Dascascos will reveal the secret ingredient(probably nothing really weird) and Alton Brown should give you a background on the ingredient. They should put hints here about what goes well with this ingredient, what doesn’t or what it can be used as a substitute for(buffalo could be used instead of beef, etc). After the background, a list of possible recipes from your recipe bank should come up with ratings of difficulty, flavor, etc. These should be new variations on old recipes you already know. I doubt that they’d make you prepare 5 dishes, but 2-3 wouldn’t be bad.

Instead of an overall timer for all of your dishes, there should be a strict timer for each mini game. This is Iron Chef America, the difficulty should be hard. Mini games should be the same as before, but you will get more optional ingredients.

Final judgment should be very tough. Again, this is the final stage. I think the user should probably lose if they haven’t done everything near perfect. The game should let you go back and train at another restaurant before allowing you to retry.

Once you beat the Iron Chef, you win the game and get the title of Iron Chef. It would be cool if you could then take on computer challengers, but that might make for too long of a game(ie- wouldn’t fit on the disc).

Replayability would be achieved by having a very large recipe bank with certain recipes only available based on the choices you make in the story. Maybe you can create your own character and dress them with cool aprons or hats or something. Marketing tie-in: sell different knives and other equipment available on the Food Network website. Any recipes you earn will also be playable in the Practice section of the game.


Damn, that sounds like a kick ass game! I hope the actual game comes somewhere near my vision. I doubt it since it’s on the Wii and they’re all about mini games. Maybe I’ll make my own game. I could make a flash game or I do have some empty arcade cabinets in the garage…. All I have to do is learn how to program and animate. Damn.

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2 Comments to “Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine Wii game annouced with teaser trailer! And speculation.”

  1. Jsoccer625
    June 3, 2008

    I So agree i love to cook and i think first you should have to go to at least 2 years of school and the good schools to like Le Cordin Bleu in france and in new york after that they will give you a choice of restaurant that is matched by the skill you showed in “school.” You then get invited to Kitchen Stadium but instead of following a recipe you would have to follow guide lines like in this dish you need to have fish and in this one only fruits you understand. Then the judges would first see if the followed the guidlines and if so then they would move on to plating and alot of other judging stuff. Once you beat the game you should then get the chance to open your own restaurant and make it like X boxlive but with Wii so you then can get new Chefs ready to fight in Kitchen Stadium now that would be POPIN’ lol

  2. Kiersten Stevens
    August 16, 2008

    OMG!!!! I cannot wait for this game to come out!!! let me know ASAP. I so want to know. I love Iron chef america! I have cooking mama 1 but it sucks. I mean I would love to virtually be in a world where I can work next to that hunk of a man Bobby Flay!!!

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