Cici’s Pizza to bring the zesty back.

Check out the sign I saw today while driving by a Cici’s Pizza:

Cici’s pizza bringing the zesty back

It made me do a double-take and I had to go back and snap a pic for you guys! And it finally answers the age long question: what do Cici’s Pizza and Justin Timberlake have in common? Enjoy!

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Poisonberry Pancakes

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Cyanide & Happiness @

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Crack Sandwich- need I say anything else?

Fuma Crack Sandwiches- Sesame

Seriously? The guys at the Fuma factory in China couldn’t think of a better name?Alright then, Crack Sandwich it is.

(tee hee)

I picked up these Crack Sandwiches at Saigon Marketplace, a local asian supermarket. I really don’t know what the name was trying to go for- am I supposed to crack them in half? (Which I did, nothing cool happened except a bunch of crumbs that were only mildly cool.) Are they’re so good, you’ll get addicted? (Gotta sell my mom’s TV to buy more crack sandwiches!) Is it some sort of innuendo about the model on the packaging? (Hello nurse!) Either way, it worked. I bought it.

What’s a crack sandwich? According to the packaging, it’s egg milk wafers filled with sesame butter filling. What’s it taste like? Sadly, they didn’t taste like crack or sandwiches. It tastes like a wafer ice cream cone with a peanut butter cream. Not bad, but taste a little stale and doesn’t have enough creme filling. I checked the ingredients too. Nothing contraband or exuded from a supermodel. Somewhat disappointing.

Still, I’ll say that it was completely worth it for the packaging :)

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