Gimme a crack at that Toggi Bar!

Original Toggi Greek ChocolateI freaking love saying the name: Toggi! It sounds like a game you would only play at a party when you’re really drunk and no one would really know the rules but it doesn’t matter because it always ends up as a giant chocolate orgy. Wait, huh? Nevermind.

I picked up the Original Toggi at Seven Eleven. I suppose there’s a Toggi doppleganger out there somewhere, stealing Toggi’s identity. But nothing can match the original fine European chocolate wafers. I mean, there’s funny words I don’t understand on the packaging, it must be European! Sure enough, the back says these things are made in Greece. Mmm, greeky.

These things are pretty damn good. The closest mainstream thing we have to compare to is Kit Kat. Toggie’s (toggii?) are similar in flavor to Kit Kats, but much bigger and have a thinner shell. The wafers are a little lighter and crispier too and it has more of a hazelnut flavor to it. If I had to choose, I think I’d go with a Toggi bar over a Kit Kat… but that may just be because I like chocolate orgies.

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