Battle of the gas station chicken taquitos!!! Seven Eleven vs. Quick Trip

You’ve all seen them, spinning over and over on their grills. Lazy taquitos. Today, we’ll put 2 of them to work when we pit them against each other: Seven Eleven’s Buffalo Chicken taquito (2/$2) and Quick Trip’s Spicy Chicken taquito(99 cents). Who will emerge from battle alive?!?

Taquito Battle: Seven Eleven versus Quick TripAt first glance, QT’s taquito has a clear early advantage. It’s got a clear 2 inches on the competition. Next task is to check out their guts. Ooh, the carnage! They both look similar in composition, chunks of chicken floating in some kind of flavor paste, yum! Color is definitely different, since 7-11′s taquito is Buffalo flavored(closest match to QT’s only chicken flavor).

A taste of our competitors is very revealing. The 7-11 taquito doesn’t have much of a crunch, very important for taquitos. As for taste, it’s mostly a hot sauce flavor and you don’t really taste the chicken. The QT taquito has a very satisfying crunch. The filling is reminiscent of 3 for a dollar chicken burritos, but you can taste and feel the chicken inside.

Taquito Battle: Seven Eleven versus Quick Trip- gutsSo here’s the count:

  • Cost: Tie. QT edges 7-11 out by a penny, but 7-11 has a “give a penny, take a penny” tray, so it’s ok.
  • Size: QT‘s taquito is the victor here by far!
  • Crunch: QT has much more of a crunch- and much more of a mess!
  • Flavor: QT wins here because you can actually taste the chicken instead of hot sauce paste.

The winner: Quick Trip’s Spicy Chicken taquito wins by a landslide! The loser will be fed to a hungry roommate.

P.S.- Sorry about the bad pictures. My camera’s taquito mode doesn’t work very well.

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