Sunkist Float in a bottle- will it float or sink?

Sunkist Float in a bottleWell, since kaboomgurl reviewed the A&W Root Beer float in a bottle, it’d be only fitting to review it’s counterpart, Sunkist Float. So, I’ve heard of root beer floats, Coke floats and I’m pretty sure I once got a Sprite float at a McDonald’s once (blegh). But for some reason, I’ve never thought to add ice cream to orange soda. Once you give it a thought, it seems like a natural marriage. Think Creamsicles!

Unfortunately, I don’t like creamsicles that much. Strangely though, I like orange juice paired with vanilla. The difference is in the acidity level. I don’t like how sweet they always make creamsicles and other orange cream flavored products. Herein lies the problem with Sunkist Float. Of the orange sodas they could have used, Sunkist would have been pretty low on my list. Other orange sodas have more “orangey-ness” to them. This probably would have been good with Fanta Orange or Minute Maid(I don’t even know if they made MM soda anymore). Don’t get me wrong though, I do drink Sunkist. Sunkist is the only orange soda with caffeine! But for some strange reason, they removed the caffeine from the float…

So, as you would expect, the Sunkist float is pretty sweet. And staying consistent with it’s root beer counterpart, the ice cream flavor was a miss. It’s a little better than the root beer float in my opinion, but still tastes like they made a float, left it out for 30 minutes and then bottled it. The cream steals carbonation from the drink.

Overall, the Sunkist Float is less of a float and more of an orange cream soda. If I could change it, I’d add a little more carbonation and a little more orange flavor. It’d be great if you like the taste of melted ice cream and flat soda. As a float drink, it misses it’s mark. Change the name to something else, like Orange Creamy Soda and I think you’d sell alot more of these.

Who loves orange soda? Maybe Kel does, but I’ll pass on Sunkist Float.

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6 Comments to “Sunkist Float in a bottle- will it float or sink?”

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