Hello Boss French Roast canned iced coffee

Hello Boss French Roast Iced CoffeeThere’s no use denying it, we here at netfoodie have a caffeine problem. Today’s poison: Hello Boss’ French Roast canned coffee. Hello Boss is a super popular canned coffee company in Asia and you can usually pick up their products in most Asian markets. The can of french roast cost me 69 cents.

I like my coffee sweet. Like candy. Some people say that I have coffee in my milk and sugar. Screw those people!

This french roast is more coffee than I usually have. There is cream and sugar in the coffee, but it’s not trying to fool you into thinking it’s something else. On the other hand, the coffee is quite sweet. If you take your coffee black, this coffee isn’t for you. If you like tall iced vanilla lattes with soy milk with a shot of peppermint and hold the whip, this isn’t for you either. If you like your coffee with a little cream and sugar, then I’d give Hello Boss a shot. It’s tasty, but not my cup of tea can of coffee.

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Taqueria Mexicana- Arlington, TX Barbacoa Gordita review

Taquiera Mexican Arlington GorditaWhen I’m in the mood for Mexican food, and I really mean MEXICAN- not tex-mex, I drive around looking for a mom and pop type establishment. What that usually means is that you’ll have a very low chance that someone there speaks English. That’s okay because food is a universal language! If there is someone that speaks English well there, you have about a 1 in 3 chance that the person will be the cashier AND under 13 years of age. That’s when you know you’re going to get some good food at a good deal! Seriously, no sarcasm implied!

Here in Arlington, that place for me is Taqueria Mexicana in downtown-ish Arlington on Collins St. They’re right across the street from where they’re building the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. That means they’re either going to get LOTS of business OR they’ll get bought out. I hope it’s the prior option. They have great food at awesome prices and they’re even open till 3am on Friday and Saturdays! Their menu does have some English on it, enough to pick out what you want. I usually just drop by and get a few tacos- $1.35 each. With tacos, you get a choice of flour or corn tortillas. I was a flour guy, but recently have started delving into the corn tortillas and they’re pretty tasty too. They’re filled cilantro and onions(optional) with your choice of meat- asado(steak), barbacao (mexican bbq- more of a stewed beef), chicken, fried pork, chicharron(pork rinds cooked in spices), lengua(tongue) or intestine. I haven’t yet worked up the nerve to try the last 2, but I’m sure they’re tasty too. I have tried the chicharron though and it’s pretty good. I like to order 1 with other tacos because it adds a little “moisture” to my meal. And by moisture, I mean fat. They include limes and green salsa to add to taste. Add them.

Last night, I decided to venture away from my usual tacos and try a barbacoa gordita. Only $2.50! Now some of you are thinking, “Oh, Taco Bell has gorditas too!”. Wrong. Taco Bell uses what seems to be a warmed up pita. The gordita I got was a really thick corn tortilla, grilled, split and stuffed with barbacoa meat, beans, lettuce, tomato slices and avocado slices. Squeeze a little lime on it and add a little green salsa and you’re set.

The Gordita ExperienceEating the gordita wasn’t something I’d want to do in a car. It was definitely a messy ordeal. First, I tried a fork and knife but everything seemed to be falling apart using that method. I reverted to just picking up the entire thing and eating it like a burger. Check out the pictures for how that worked out for me. The gordita was savory from the meat, chewy from the tortilla and creamy from avocado. I did need to add a little salt, but that was probably from my choice of barbacoa. I’d probably go with asado or something else more flavorful next time.

If you’re looking for real Mexican food at great prices, definitely check out Taquiera Mexican. Wherever you go, be sure to keep your eye out for the little mom and pop places. That’s where you get REAL food. And if you don’t know any Spanish(I took a little in high school), just point at something on the menu and odds are you’ll get something good. I’d steer clear of the tongue and intestine for right now, though.

Taqueria Mexicana in Arlington

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Sunkist Float in a bottle- will it float or sink?

Sunkist Float in a bottleWell, since kaboomgurl reviewed the A&W Root Beer float in a bottle, it’d be only fitting to review it’s counterpart, Sunkist Float. So, I’ve heard of root beer floats, Coke floats and I’m pretty sure I once got a Sprite float at a McDonald’s once (blegh). But for some reason, I’ve never thought to add ice cream to orange soda. Once you give it a thought, it seems like a natural marriage. Think Creamsicles!

Unfortunately, I don’t like creamsicles that much. Strangely though, I like orange juice paired with vanilla. The difference is in the acidity level. I don’t like how sweet they always make creamsicles and other orange cream flavored products. Herein lies the problem with Sunkist Float. Of the orange sodas they could have used, Sunkist would have been pretty low on my list. Other orange sodas have more “orangey-ness” to them. This probably would have been good with Fanta Orange or Minute Maid(I don’t even know if they made MM soda anymore). Don’t get me wrong though, I do drink Sunkist. Sunkist is the only orange soda with caffeine! But for some strange reason, they removed the caffeine from the float…

So, as you would expect, the Sunkist float is pretty sweet. And staying consistent with it’s root beer counterpart, the ice cream flavor was a miss. It’s a little better than the root beer float in my opinion, but still tastes like they made a float, left it out for 30 minutes and then bottled it. The cream steals carbonation from the drink.

Overall, the Sunkist Float is less of a float and more of an orange cream soda. If I could change it, I’d add a little more carbonation and a little more orange flavor. It’d be great if you like the taste of melted ice cream and flat soda. As a float drink, it misses it’s mark. Change the name to something else, like Orange Creamy Soda and I think you’d sell alot more of these.

Who loves orange soda? Maybe Kel does, but I’ll pass on Sunkist Float.

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how NOT to microwave a boiled egg

Microwaving a boiled egg

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