Pirate’s Booty (giggle)

Pirate's Booty review

Maybe I have the sense of humor of a 5 year old. Or maybe I’m hoping to draw misplaced and confused Johnny Depp fans to netfoodie.com. Whatever the reason, I chose to review Pirate’s Booty from Robert’s American Gourmet Snacks .

I picked up my Booty (teehee) from Whole Foods Store in their chip aisle. I’ve seen these all over the place though: campus stores, vending machines, grocery stores, etc. The company apparently has an entire line of Booty chips ranging from Fruity Booty to Veggie Booty. I picked up my 4oz bag for 2 bucks on sale. The bag is bigger than it sounds because these are actually pretty light. I’d say about the size of a bag of Doritos.

Pirate’s Booty are aged white cheddar flavored puffs of rice and corn. They’re somewhat healthy- 5g of fat, 180 calories- and boast to be all natural. They’re very light and airy, almost like packing peanuts. Unlike packing peanuts, however, they taste great! The actual booty are very randomly shaped nuggets. Personally, I think they could have gone with a little more flavoring on it, but I’m a huge fan of white cheddar. They’re filling enough to snack on and healthy enough to not feel too bad.

Check out the pictures of my all natural Booty!

White Cheddar Pirates Booty bag Pirate Booty closeup

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3 Comments to “Pirate’s Booty (giggle)”

  1. kchap
    February 21, 2008

    they’re pretty good… but i don’t think you get enough for your money’s worth…

  2. grasshopper
    March 11, 2009

    man, so like this is one craazy bag o sh*t. i tred it and bought like 14 bags and i was all like invaling it . dat was raaadicaal. i seached it and subscibed to i want pirate booty .org now i get 5 crates per month

  3. grasshopper
    March 11, 2009

    my moma says dat its not good for you but i got her to join iwantpiratebooty.org as well. i luuuuuv it i luuuuuuuuuuv it give me some! i will pay yu! pleeeeze

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